IGAD FSI Develops a Regional Foreign Service Curriculum

June 14, 2023 (M)OMBASA, Kenya): The Foreign Service Institute of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD FSI) yesterday inaugurated a Curriculum development and implementation strategy workshop in Mombasa.

The workshop is bringing together representatives from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Heads of IGAD Diplomatic academies, and national experts from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

The goal of the four-day workshop is to engage with stakeholders and establish a holistic approach on how the Curriculum will be developed. It is also the opportunity to devise a partnership strategy, build up and adapt the required training materials that are accessible by every member state.

Speaking at the opening session today, the Director of IGAD FSI, Mr Mohamed Omar Djama, said: “The IGAD Foreign Service Institute aims at becoming a regional ‘Centre of Excellence’ for diplomatic training, research & a Think Tank which will support IGAD strategic objectives on Peace & Security, & Regional Economic Integration. Thus, developing a comprehensive curriculum is key to enable the Institute to achieve this goal while strengthening IGAD Member States’ diplomatic academies.”

The four-day training will provide an opportunity for the participants to participate actively in the design of the curriculum development implementation strategy, and assist in the establishment of an agreed timetable for the implementation of a master programme.

To respond to the needs of Diplomatic academies in the region, IGAD FSI commissioned a team of consultants from IRELAC to design and develop a curriculum depending on IGAD diplomatic academies’ priorities and needs, and to assist them in producing training materials relevant to address regional realities of the IGAD region.

One of IGAD FS’sI main objective is to enhance relevant contributions to the networked cooperation with other diplomatic institutions and provide support to them in institutional capacity building.

The workshop is held with the support from the European Union through the Austrian Development Agency.


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Our Institute provides trainings in capacity building to strengthen the diplomatic and leadership skills of diplomats and civil servants.

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The Institute will create a Research center that will develop regional case studies and research papers.

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The Institute aims to be an independent regional think tank for politicians, youth and women associations, policymakers, private sectors, and scholars.

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